"Volo ergo sum. I desire, therefore I am."
When life turns its back on you over and over again, all that's left behind is ambition.

A heart that burns cannot be wasted so easily. Can you feel the way the heat fills your whole body? Like flames are bursting out from beneath your skin? This is the feeling they call desire. To want something so much that it consumes your soul.

This is the altar placed over the grave of innocence. Eyes which once watched the sky with such hope now only reflect smoke and ashes. What happened to those clear skies? Who dares deny the child the safety expected of a home?

Darling, real life is always crueler than fiction. Those who keep their fire burning will be the ones to survive.

But in the end, all is ashes.

燃えているこの炎を 青色で僕らはさ 描いたんだ
and so we drew our burning flame… in blue

miho slots

3 magikarp = 10 nuggets
3 spiritomb = free custom kimono (i'll draw one for your character!)
3 mismagius = free custom accessory (i'll draw one for your character!)
3 drapion = 3 EXP candy XL
3 sneasel = choice of either a razor claw or a dusk stone
3 drifloon = 10 more free spins
3 gastly = 10% your next purchase from Ayase Textile Trading
3 zubat = 10 potions
3 qwilfish = 10 pecha berries
3 goomy = 10 sticky globs